Dr. Frankie Scott

Dr. Frankie Scott- Canova
The Practice of Holistic Chiropractic and Functional Medicine
Doctor Scott graduated with honors from Northwestern University of Health
Sciences in Bloomington, Minnesota, in 1989. She completed her
undergraduate education at Parkville University, Parkville Missouri. Dr.
Scott was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and is very proud of
her Midwestern work ethic, and values.

Dr. Scott has been in private practice for 25 years as an holistic chiropractor,
and certified functional medicine practitioner. She has directly helped
thousands of patients throughout her career, and indirectly helped
tens of thousands through her Associate Professorship at
Southwestern University Health Sciences,
Whittier, California.

Menu of Services

(949) 492-5500
The Tennis Club at Monarch Beach
Near the Pool Exit
Examination/Consultation NeuroMusculoSkeletal $75.00–$200.00

Nutritional/Functional Medicine Consultation $500.00 1 hour

Nutritional/Functional Medicine Consultation (members) $200.00 1 hour

Office Visit, up to 20 minutes $75.00

Office Visit, up to 30 minutes $100.00

Office Visit, up to 40 minutes $150.00

Office Visit, up to 60 minutes $200.00

Decompression $100.00

Decompression Package of 5 $450.00

Decompression Package of 10 $900.00

Cold Laser per area $55.00

Cold Laser per area Package of 10 $495.00

Janet Travell, M.D. Trigger Point Therapy, per area $60.00

Allergy Elimination Technique per Antigen $85.00

Allergy Elimination Technique Package of 15 $975.00 = $65.00 each

Contact Reflex Analysis (Applied Kinesiology) $50.00/15 minutes

NeuroEmotional Technique $100.00/15 minutes

Craniosacral Technique, 60 minutes. $200.00

Nimmo Technique, 15 minutes $50.00

Myofascial Active Release, per area $50.00

Rocktape Kinesio Taping, per area $35.00

Massage $85.00

Massage Package, 5 massages, $65.00 each $325.00

Body Cleanse Footbath $75.00

Body Cleanse Footbath Package of 10 $675.00

Stool Test for Parasites, Bacteria, Fungus, Inflammation $95.00-295.00

Neurotransmitter with Adrenal Function Test $325.00

Lymphocytic Micronutrient Testing $335.00

Leaky Gut Test $100.00

Alcat Allergy Blood Test, 290 Antigens $1100.00

Labrix Hormone Panel (10 Salivary Hormones) $310.00

Thyroid Blood Panel (9 Tests) $250.00

Gluten Sensitivity Panel $150.00-$360.00

Allergen Panel 96 Foods IgG $359.00

Allergen panel 14 Molds IgG $138.00

Heavy Metal Toxicity Test $99.00

General Lab Testing (case specific, price varies) $ up to 85 % off

Detox/Weight Loss Programs $275.00 – $500.00

Cleanse Kits $ Varies

Nutraceuticals and Nutrients $ Varies

Homeopathy $ Varies

The office accesses most insurance plans. Dr. Scott is an out of network provider.
Have a Quality day!

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