RCI Child Care
Reese and Rylie Spearman

Welcome to Child Care at Racquet Club of Irvine!

We offer free child care services to full facility members.  Our members can rest assure that their children will be having fun and being well taken care of while they enjoy a match on the courts or have a vigorous workout.  We charge a nominal fee for non-full facility members.

Our Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values for RCI Child Care are:

Our Vision:
To be a safe, welcoming experience that leaves parents at ease and children excited to be in childcare.

Our Mission:
To be the first place that both parents and children want to go to seven days a week!

Our Core Values:
1. We keep childcare safe and clean for all of our members to enjoy.
2. We provide quality short-term daily Child Care for our members and their guests.
3. We offer age-appropriate activities.
4. We respect all parents and their families, which leads to harmony in childcare.


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