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Dear Sandy,

I wanted to send you a note and simply say thank you for all of the Group Classes the club is continuing with and implementing. Most noticeable to me and many of the club members I have become friends with are the group classes that Dina Martin-Rusk has taken over and been presenting. Dina’s Ripped class is great, she changes up the Ripped class every so often, and is positive about everything. Dina also took over the Thursday evening 6:00 PM Spin Class which was losing folks. Dina has turned that Spin Class completely around to such an extent that those who attend that Spin Class are coming out of the class saying what a good class it is. Yes, she has great music in the Spin Class and we work out with weights and also do sit-up’s which has changed the Thursday night class for the best. Simply said, Dina is great and I’m grateful that we have her to help us all along with so many group classes she leads. Now, I also have seen Dina leading the Zumba class which is typically full; however, if I tried Zumba I’m sure I would look like a cross between a beached Manatee and a drunk seal and nobody needs to see that much lack of coordination. 🙂

Your other instructors such as Holly are also amazing and I do not want you to think that other instructors are less appreciated. It is just in this case, I’ve personally watched Dina improve that Spin Class so much and make Ripped even a greater workout that I thought it was worth taking the time to put my compliments and gratitude in writing.

Best Regards,

Mike A.


Dear Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you for another summer of wonderful tennis and fun for the boys. They love attending the tennis camp and never want it to end. I must admit these days with computers, Hulu, Netflix, etc., it is hard to find something active and outdoors that keeps the kids wanting more. Tennis at your club has been that “thing” that the boys really enjoyed and would choose tennis at LNRC over computer games. Please pass along my thank you to all of your staff.

We would also like to register my 10 year old Arman and my 13 year old Kamran for clinics. I know you and I spoke this summer but I cannot remember who you recommended me to call. Kamran would like to work towards making Dana Hills high school team. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Lorraine H.


Dear Sandy,

I joined LNRC 4 months ago and it has changed my life in such a wonderful, positive, healthy way.  After not playing since High School (many moons ago) I decided to get out there and join the club.  Everyone from the 1st day have been so helpful and just to hit with Mark Spearman was a joy-he is so easy going.

I attended the Christmas party not knowing anyone and Mr. Cecil Spearman walked up to me and just started a nice conversation with me and told me how happy he was that I joined the club.  I had no idea who he was!

I am getting up to speed each week with my tennis taking lessons, live drills and finally on a league.

Thanks for getting me back into a sport I love.

Jeanne H.


Dear Steve:

I am writing this note to express my gratitude to you and your family for the marvelous job you do in managing your clubs, and, particularly for me, the TCMB.  I swim every single day  (and miss only if we are away) and enjoy the other club  facilities, as well.  My friends and I love the steam room, the jacuzzis, the other locker room amenities, etc.also.  The staff is professional and courteous and I am proud and delighted to be a member for so many years.  I have yet another new neighbor who will soon visit TCMB with me and I expect him to join.

Thanks, again for providing this terrific facility for this community. Truly first class.


Billy P.

Dear Sandy,

     My husband and I just completed a one month membership at Laguna Niguel Racquet Club while on vacation, and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed this place! Thank you for getting us acquainted with all of the club’s services and for giving us a warm welcome each morning. Thanks also for mentioning the fabulous exercise classes the club offers taught by top notch instructors such as the  spinning classes,  yoga classes with Veena and Julie, the challenging strengthening class with Jennifer and the athletic Pilates class with Hollie; they were all excellent! Frequently in the afternoon, I would return in the late afternoon for a tennis session in Open Courts and I want to thank Felicia for organizing groups that promised to be fun. As it happened, The Laguna Niguel Racquet Club soon became our home away from home, as it gave us many beneficial, challenging and fun activities to do everyday!

     A club like this is a jewel in any city in any part of the world. Not only does it offer members, temporary or otherwise, a fantastic combination of top notch staff from the front desk to the snack bar, and in the classroom and all the way out to the last court, it also has a community of lovely members who kindly extend themselves to newcomers. I know of no other club except my home club in Portland Oregon where I have been a member for 20+ years, where I have felt as comfortable. Whether it was chatting at the snack bar over a beer after tennis with a group of neat people, or having a spontaneous conversation in the locker room or on the courts after a match, much of the goodness in our vacation flows from having made many new friends here. The LNRC performs a service to visitors in the area by granting temporary memberships. My husband and I look forward to  returning to Laguna Niguel area and hopefully will return to this club.  It has been our pleasure to get acquainted with this community of great people and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We appreciate the excellent job the Spearmans have done in putting together a club like this. It is a real gem!


Dear Mark,

Hello!  I am Kamran(11) and Arman’s (9) mom.  The guys with the long crazy hair! 🙂

I just wanted to thank you for giving the boys such a great experience. This was their first exposure to tennis camp and tennis lessons. They LOVED it!

They have not put down their racquets, wanting to play morning, noon and night. If we could afford to come to tennis camp every day of the summer we would! They enjoyed everything about camp and are really becoming good players.

 The coaches and counselors were great and I am sure my boys will love tennis all their lives . My two year old seems to love it too!

Please let me know if there are team options that go on during the school year and also if there are any ball boy volunteer opportunities.

Thanks again,


Hi Sandy:

     Another bit of news on the junior front: my son Chase Aplin was a finalist at the recent USTA tournament in Costa Mesa in Boys 14. He is now ranked  #27 in Satellites for So. Cal. His progress this year under the guidance of Rob and Tim has been outstanding. Chase looks forward to playing for DHHS as a freshman next season. 


To all the staff and the Spearman Family, Merry For Everything.  My Goal is to get five people to join the club in 2011. I  love our club. I have recovered from major surgery. Special thanks goes to the Spearman Family and Sandy (for) putting all (the) events together.  Everyone knows we have a bad economy, but in this tough time, Mr. Spearman is putting money to add more space …..more facilities. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I admire your dedication to service all the members of our club.

Ahmad Farnoodymeher



The service Ronnie is providing to club members as game making and court reservations is exceptional. In my 12 years as a member I have never had such a quality support. I trust your enterprise recognizes that, and provides him with the incentive he deserves in order to continue in that position.


Jose Perewozki



More members should utilize these wonderful talents that work at your club. Jennifer (Toti) is professional yet fun. I highly recommend her to all out there that need improvement in fitness.

Edward Bobinkski




I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at the “learn to play tennis” clinic tonight. Mr. Spearman joined us and gave an informative lesson and some valuable tips. Mike was a lot of fun and I’ve singed up for next weeks clinic and I’m really looking forward to it!



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