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Our personal trainers will assist you with your fitness goals, whether it is for improving your tennis or golf game, building muscles or simply for better health.  The personal trainers at Laguna Niguel Racquet Club are highly trained in their field.  Call today to schedule an appointment with one of her personal trainers today!

Joanna Smith

Personal Trainer
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Joanna is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  She grew up in Laguna Niguel and has been a longtime member of Laguna Niguel Racquet Club. She played four years on a full tennis scholarship at Arizona State University, while completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Sports Law and Business.  She not only enjoys working with adults on their fitness journey, but she loves training youth athletes as well.  When working with clients, she likes to focus on exercise and nutrition, as she believes both go hand in hand when setting and reaching fitness goals.  In her spare time, she loves weight training, hiking, and competing in Spartan Races.

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