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Gina holds a plethora full of skills in Physical Fitness including Personal Training, Yoga and Mat Pilates. Having over 10 years of experience working with adult/children of all cultures. Born In England and being half Indian and Brazilian gives her the edge over most coaches. She is undoubtedly a professional in her field and can help you to achieve what ever your looking for. Gina’s unique approach in addition to her wide variety of fitness skills and Yoga/Pilates approach will lead you to your goal. In addition, Gina has worked as a School Teacher and as a Behavioural Therapist supplemented with a masters degree in Computer Science. She is taking LA by storm and In the process of creating her very own Gina “The Happy Yogi” book. Which not only will teach the new generation how to do simple movements but also will be a learning platform for children. In addition to teaching fitness classes and providing private training, Gina also works with children in the special needs program. Her knowledge and personalized training in these areas provides a coaching environment where they can not only work toward their dreams but also learn about their unique brain wiring and strengths. She offers one on one coaching or group coaching sessions, in person. ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, now diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder, clients are special because they are geniuses and adding my personalized Yogautistic and fitness program helps them to grow not only mentally but physically.

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